Our 20 Year Dinner Date…Da Gennaro…Little Italy

well this whole NYC trip started out as an email from my hubby to meet him here at Da Gennaro our favorite restaurant in Little Italy…to read that story check out my post on May 23rd Twenty Years of Romance.

Da Gennaro is a little piece of Romance in Little Italy our favorite table is in the front corner.  We love it because you are sitting inside the restaurant but the corner doors open up to the outside so you have the best of both worlds.  Which is great because on our anniversary night it was raining here and there but we still got to feel like we were outside.

our dinner started out with wonderful bread and olive oil with herbs and cheese so good …let’s get to dipping!

time to order…

we had been at the Jimmy Fallon show earlier that day so wristing it up!

let’s start with the appetizers…”mozzarella in carrozza”…Italian style grilled cheese oh my pass the marinara…

“zuppa di vongle”…clams steamed in white wine and garlic sauce…so yum

we opened a few cards we had brought from our friends…so cute I loved this card!

another sweet gift from my hubby…haven’t used it yet but I will!

Kev ordered the lasagna…

i ordered spaghetti alla puttanesca…these are the before pic’s…

that was some good lasagna…

um…mine was great in case you didn’t notice!

well this is a great anniversary…but it’s not over…time for dessert…and we know just the place up the block around the corner come on lets go…

here we are at Ferrara Bakery this place is an original.  Since 1892 now that’s an establishment!

inside the bakery…

dude slow down…hee hee… one of Kevin’s fav’s tiramisu.

key lime tart and cappuccino for me please…

i dare ya…

don’t dare me…here I did it… yes I stuck my nose in the frothy foam…

you so crazy the things you make me do….so what’s next?

well we came back to our room…I WAS SO FULL!  I  was resting watching a little t.v. when Kevin said come on get your second wind… well after about an hour of rest…I went and changed and out we went…now this had been a long day we did sleep in headed to Mandoo dumpling for an early lunch then to Henri Bendel… if you have been following my NYC blogs I posted on May 30th Makeup at Henri Bendel..the girl who did my makeup told me the eyeshadow was 24 hour smudge proof and all that good stuff…but she wasn’t kidding check it out it still looks great…and since I have been home using it I realize it was a great buy so stop by a Trish  McEvoy counter!  So any-who back to the story more shopping then to The Fallon Show…more shopping…dinner/dessert and out on the town some more!

so we walked all around the Meat Packing Area this place is alive at nite!  And we ended up out on the patio of Dos Caminos to sit and watch all the people and enjoy a margarita…no don’t worry we didn’t eat again we finished the night off in the roof top lounge of our hotel for a view of the city and it was spectacular the Empire State Building’s whole top was covered with fog then a few mins. later glowing under the moon as the wind blew. Well 20 years well celebrated for sure!







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One Response to Our 20 Year Dinner Date…Da Gennaro…Little Italy

  1. Susanne says:

    what a wonderful time it looks like you had. a very special anniversary!
    p.s. your make up looks great!!

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