Edgy Style…Bold Patterns…Shop Desigual…

fun clothes with and imagination…color used boldly describes this clothing company out of Barcelona, Spain.

walking up to the Desigual store in NYC the bold color of the building pops out and catches your attention!  This was my first visit to the store.  But not my first time to see Desigual clothing I had bought a skirt back home at Pamela’s boutique!  If you are a local in the Dallas area this store is in Coppell….Pamela’s always has cutting edge designs you just don’t find everywhere… she has a great eye for style…check out one of the post I did on Pamela’s Nov. 12th “Fabulous Truck Show Fun”…

here’s the skirt I got at Pamela’s I have worn this skirt with tights and boots and here in New York with sandals.  When I walked into Desigual it was bold color overload! (but in a good way)  I saw my skirt and thought Pam you chose well!  When you own a boutique you can’t carry every piece so you have to pick and choose the best and I love this skirt!

being the skirt girl that I am I found 3 I had to bring home!

the manager of the store was so nice and helpful…my shopping experience was fun and because I bought 3 skirts I got a little discount which is always nice and she also gave us a cool book.  This store had clothes for men and women accessories…luggage…Fabulous coats known for their patchwork, bold patterns and color they look like art pieces!

back home in Dallas look what’s coming to North park Mall…

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