The Hunt For Beads At Home And In New York…

this may seem like a boring picture to you but I was in my element in here… it is the basement of one of my favorite places to obtain many of the beads you see in my designs…now I do have several places I like to buy from in New York…but I had just been to a couple of bead shows before my trip…so I was just needing some specific things.  So unlike my  usual design buying trips…I had just a few places I needed to go and instead of 3 days of all day non stop bead shopping I spent about… half of a day going to the places I really needed to go. There is a cool magazine store/coffee/internet place across the street were Kevin was happy to go while I got my bead on!  So I spent about an hour in the actual showroom before being taken into the basement were I spent a couple hours going through boxes and finding some true treasures!  My middle name should have been dig because I love digging!

some of my finds…bring on the color…love these grays, silvers to blacks and a few things in between great fall and winter design material!

I got back from my trip to NYC…and the very next day went to a bead show…this is a show were I shop some of my fav traveling vendors and always find some cool vintage goodies to turn my designs into conversation pieces!  So of course I couldn’t miss it and look at these colors!

some of my great vintage finds…looks like someone needs to get busy here!


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