From Firetrucks To Photo Shoots…NYC

always have to peek into a fire station when we pass by one.

it always amazes me how clean the inside of fire stations are everything is always in it’s place!

a fire truck in Chelsea…

we were up in our room getting ready for an evening out and Kevin looked out of our window and said hey lets get downstairs there is a firetruck parked out there and people are taking pictures with the firemen…grab my camera…as I ran out of our room!  They were very nice asked us were we were visiting from…told us happy anniversary…they were not Dallas Cowboy fans but they all agreed they liked the Mavs…good choice!

from firetrucks to photo shoots always something to see on the streets of NYC…

we saw a couple different photo shoots in this area…

i’m guessing she probably won’t be skate boarding in this shoot but I just thought it was fun so I took a few shots of her too!



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