” Pig Heaven” Chinese Food…Delicious…Served with Class

here’s a story for you… my first trip to Pig Heaven (upper east side) was about 10 years ago. I was in NYC for an accessories show were I was showing my jewelry line.  You are so tired after a long show day but everyone still goes out. (you have to your in New York)  My friends had invited us to dinner at Pig Heaven a place they had been coming for years . They were friends with the owner and said we would love it.  So out of Jacob Javits center we walked the show lets out at the cab shift change. Well if you know the city, shift change makes it nearly impossible to catch a cab!  Long story short we ended up walking it after standing all day!  We kept thinking we would find a cab kept walking and a hour later zig zagging thru the streets we were there!  Exhausted yes, but we had a great time and the food was wonderful…I visit this great place on every trip. I tell anyone visiting to try it and have taken many a friend when in town.

on this trip it was our 3rd day we had been shopping all day and when our feet felt like they might fall off we realized we were hungry we hadn’t had dinner yet and it was almost a bit after 9:00.  Granted if you have been following this NYC trip you know we stop to savor many a meal thru out the day…so we did what everyone does “what do you feel like eating?”  Well I don’t know what do you feel like? Anyone else do that? Well we decided on chinese…so the next question how far is Pig Heaven and how late are they open?  The answer a 20 min. cab ride away kitchen closes in 45 mins. They said we will serve you as long as you get here before the kitchen closes.  Hail a cab honey I need some Pig Heaven!

we ordered a hot sake…

and a glass of wine…sorry for the dark photos we were so tired we didn’t realize our flash was off…oopsthe lovely owner and host Nancy…she has been here since 1984 and she remembers all her regulars I told her about my first time to the restaurant…she knew the ladies I had came with well. This woman has not aged in 10 years!  The walls have pic’s of her with some of her star cliental who frequent her establishment…and a collection of pigs, piggies and piglets that have been given to her thru the years…

a few photos…when you order your drinks they bring out a slaw salad to enjoy while you order and await your meal..yum

our dishes were delish… this was mine pork of course hence the” Pig” Heaven!

I thought I was in Pig Heaven…Then Kevin’s dish arrived a combo of the large wonderful shrimp and pork of course!  This dish was divine! … We closed the place down got some great play advice on some off broadway plays from the bartender she was so nice she was writing things down on napkins for us. Which I kept of course for my scrapbook.




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