For The Best Rice Pudding…Rice To Riches…NYC

i grew up in a time when pudding and jello desserts ruled and tapioca was the queen of pudding as was rice pudding…I still love pudding!  Which brings me to one of  our very favorite places “Rice to Riches”.  This is a rice pudding place inventive flavors with crazy names pure wonderful!  We like to visit 2 0r 3 times on a trip to the Big Apple!

pick your pudding add toppings if you like…we like ours straight up!  Rum Raisin is my favorite!  It’s like a yogurt or ice cream place but it’s pudding instead.  Man, I wish we had one of these in Dallas!

Kevin got  the category 5 caramel…they serve it in these little resin containers with these funky cool spoons makes you think of a Jetson’s cartoon.

the atmosphere at Rice to Riches is modern retro with funny little signs everywhere.

here’s a few of the signs…

words to go by when rice pudding is around hee hee… So if you visit NYC…Rice to Riches is a true treat!


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