Eat at Joe’s Pizza…Carmine and Bleecker…NYC

 we all have that favorite pizza place you know the one that nothing else can match maybe at times come close to but not match…you feeling me?  well Joe’s on Carmine off Bleecker is that pizza place for us!  A small hole in the wall with the best pizza we have ever sunk our teeth into!  Now I know for many thems fighting words as we say in TEXAS!  But this is the pizza of all pizza!  If I have brought you with me on one of my New York trips it is a guarantee You will be going to Joe’s!  And those friends of mine who have came all love it!

Kevin has to have a Coke in a glass bottle with his Joe’s slice…I mean slices…Not just any Coke but the one’s from Mexico they are sweeter!  Ice cold Coke… burn the roof of your mouth off pizza what can be better I ask?

when I say hole in the wall (and we all know those are the best) I mean tiny you order and there are a few stools a few tables to stand at a couple of small counters or a park across the street…you decide…trust me you will and can stand and eat this slice and be back for your second slice before you even bother to catch a tabletop!

oh my…cheese or cheese hee hee…just a few mins. cab drive away from our hotel…We have payed $ 13.00 cab fare one way here on other trips before…So it was great we were so close this time!

these photos are from a couple of visits we usually try to eat here 2 – 3 times on a trip! notice the bag on the counter… this was our first day and we had just came from Chelsea Market were I got this really cool top at a sample sale there.  I thought, “I will put it on the counter so I won’t forget it”…ha ha… 2 slices later I completely forgot about this bag and off we went into the city…but no worries 30 mins. later 5 blocks down when I remembered and went back a guy was sitting enjoying his slice in my spot smiling, he said Iv’e been keeping this safe for you….hee hee…whew…thanks

cute story…but lets get back to this pizza …the best…now many people love John’s around the corner I have been there a few times it is also good but our place is Joes cause we like the best!

and there is always a nice passerby willing to take your photo…EAT AT JOE’S….


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2 Responses to Eat at Joe’s Pizza…Carmine and Bleecker…NYC

  1. I’ve got to stop reading this blog when I’m hungry! Love the photos that accompany your writing. I want to jump right into them. 😉 Have a wonderful weekend!

  2. Tara you are so funny i do the same thing I read food blogs or watch the food network late at nite…hee hee…Danger..what I wouldn’t do for a piece of Joe’s right now while I’m sweltering here in Texas at 104! That ice cold coke sounds really good.

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