Our Experience at Babycakes Bakery…NYC

on my list of places to visit on our trip…was Babycakes Bakery!  This is a special place with wonderful vegan mostly gluten-free goodies that will make you flip!  I have the first Babycakes Cookbook, I have blogged about different things I have baked from this jewel of a cookbook read Dec.29th post Winter Baking Gluten-Free and Jan. 8th Sugar Plum Cookies.  So when I  found out there was a bakery in New York last year I knew I had to go there!  So we actually made it there on our first day in the city!

love the vintage allure of this bakery…so many goodies to choose from so I tried a few!

one of the specials of the day was a pineapple upside down cake it looked luscious…and it was…yummy

see what I mean…moist and delish…

I heard Erin McKenna had just came out with her 2nd cookbook woo hoo….So of course I waited to buy it in hopes she would have some available at the bakery…which she did and yes I got one!  Don’t these doughnuts look amazing???  I have gone out and bought a doughnut baking pan but have not made any yet.   But you can be sure when I do I will share the experience with you!  So if you need to eat gluten-free or know of someone who does..or maybe you just want to try something wonderful to bake …Babycakes…Baby!  And as my friend Pam says,  you will be a real Sugarbaker!



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