Fun and Fabulous…Christopher 19…West Village…NYC

our first day in New York was on a Sunday…before our trip I had emailed my friend Greg one of the owners of Christopher 19.  I wanted to make sure I would get a chance to say hello while we were in town.  He is so busy, since I last saw him 3 yrs ago he is now working as the head designer for Miriam Haskell Jewelry. So he is not working the Boutique.  I told him the jewelry has looked better than ever when I see it in the magazines now I know why hee hee…

this little squirrel is part of the architecture at the entrance of Christopher 19… so cute. and Kevin found a chair outside to set and enjoy the street…lots to see on Sunday people out walking the dogs, shopping riding bikes etc…

so happy I got to see Greg…and Ginger isn’t she cute…we thought she looks like a ewok from Star Wars!  She just sat straight up with her fluffy paws hanging down so distinguished!

I like to treat myself to something cool from Christopher 19.  Three years back I got the coolest purse and each time I use it I get compliments and people asking me where did you get that?  I didn’t find a purse this time but I did decide on this great bracelet…I thought it was fab…Gerard Yosca.  When I first met Greg he  was the Gerard Yosca Rep…that was when I had stopped showing my line Michele Busch Jewelry at the Dallas Gift Mart and started showing in the Apparel market. We were in the same showroom many moons ago!

ginger back in the store…she will be happy to greet you when you stop by for a visit…Christopher 19 is a great accessories boutique in west Village address 19 Christopher St.

across from Christopher 19 is the sweetest pet shop!  Next to it was one of the prettiest Wisteria vines in bloom so gorgeous!  So if you find yourself in NYC visit Christopher 19.


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