A Tour Through “Tinsel Trading Company”

NYC…is  the home to so many shops that sell trims, flowers, beads etc… it is just the mecca for designers!  This is one of my favorite places to shop when I’m in town it is Tinsel Trading Company located at 1 West 37th Street NYC check out http://www.tinseltrading.com

come on in and follow me through this most amazing shop!  (click on image to see more details)

here are some beautifully illustrated books both feature the store.  Check out Treasured Notions great book with beautiful pictures.

this is a great book if you love design and NYC…this book is for you.  Anthropologie carries it pick up a copy.

and look who has a few page spread in this book!

so check out the book but for now head back into the store with me…

these are vintage flower presses… very cool how they work and they were for sale but very expensive so I passed….

ribbon…trim…a girlie girls dreamland…

the back of the store is filled with threads and trims, many are vintage 3yrs. ago I got a lot of metallic vintage thread to use in my jewelry designs.

so many things to see and buy…

a room with a view…

love to dig through all these little boxes for treasures…

love the wooden ladders that roll read about them in the books mentioned earlier. Flowers, flowers and more flowers many vintage…in every style and color you can imagine!  I got a wonderful selection and some wonderful and unusual centers for future flower making….Well hope you enjoyed the tour…




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