A Uno Boutique…and Other Window Shopping…

while in NYC the window shopping is so fun…so many inventive window settings! Click on pic’s to enlarge and see more details.a well dressed window can not only make you slow down but bring you into the store.  This one brought me into the store.

Ralph Lauren Window… I like how the reflection from across the street shows on the glass.  This store was quaint and amazing!

loved the sign in this store!I found this store in the Village 3 years ago and was happy to see on this trip it was still here…great little jewelry shop with wonderful displays!  Kev sat in this same chair last time we came!  I thought this sign was so cute…

some of the displays were wrapped in tissue pattern paper like I have recently done… to check out my display facelift view my March 29th post”A Pattern Perfect Facelift For My Jewelry Displays”

i found this little boutique, what I loved about it was the sales racks were outside on this little stoop in the back so cool…

this was a private party at Guess..these 2 live models struck this pose for me as I shot the photo!

this store window drew me in from across the street half a block away…now these are some great windows!  “A Uno”

A Uno boutique in Tribeca…the clothes in this boutique were so amazing …after taking shots of the window I walked in…oh my!

everything in this store was displayed in such way you didn’t want to miss a thing!

the owner and her sales assistant were so nice they told us congrats on our 20th took photos of us, gave us a cool book that was filled with cool eateries and places to go. This boutique is a true feast for the eyes, I think the clothes here may be some of the prettiest styles I have ever seen and the quality was exceptional!  And I’m huge on customer service…if you value top customer service this is your store!  Behind the counter were the most beautiful hats each an art piece and all one of a kinds. So being the hat person I am I had to have one so I tried on a few…this is the one I decided on the designer is out of Brooklyn…I love this hat!

the owner took this shot her photo is in the background…she was as nice as she was beautiful… If I lived in New York I would be in trouble…hee hee The clothes are all european designs and the shoe parlor fabulous.  A great sales area too!  Hey who is that cute guy in the pic…


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