Visit Soho’s Delicatessen and Bottega Falai

after a busy day of shopping in Soho we were walking by this cool restaurant we looked at some peeps plates as we were walking by and decided to look at the menu…looks good lets check it out!

this place is “Delicatessen”at 54 Prince St. international comfort food…sounds good.

cool menus…

we both ordered the same thing…

loved how the burgers came out on these wood cutting boards and the little bucket o fries. It was all great the fries were excellent… As we sat and ate the place started getting crowded got here right before the big rush.

I needed to use the rest room and like so many places in NYC they say it’s downstairs…well I walked down the stairs into a whole different vibe this cool downstairs lounge…but check out the awesome part…

you look up from this cool lounge area and the skies the limit isn’t this the coolest view?  You walk down a few more steps to the rest rooms and to the right was this hidden bar I didn’t take any pic’s of it… even the rest rooms were cool very euro.

done with dinner and what did we find next door…a fabulous bakery of course!  Bottega Falai 267 Lafavette. check out

Kev got his incredible dessert. Loved the chandeliers.

he got a slice of this layered crepe with vanilla cream between the layers finished off with a creme bru’lee looking top it was delish.

I loved the clean bright decor it made those awesome cakes and goodies stand out even more…

they had an interesting variety  of ginger beers and waters… So if you find yourself in Soho eat at the Delicatessen and stop at Bottega Falai.




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