Something For Everyone…Pearl River Mart..NYC

Pearl River Mart always a fun place to shop…everything from clothes to tea and I mean everything!  I had seen this store in a magazine.  On my very first trip to New York several years ago I was shopping and looked over and saw a very pregnant Brook Shields shopping and picking out soaps.  I have come back to this store on  every visit since and always find great things to bring back home.

upstairs you can find shoes, clothes, teas, lanterns, tea pots, candies, and tons more…

colorful lanterns line the ceiling.

downstairs you will find soaps, dishes, fans, slippers, bamboo steamers, toys and the list goes on…also an herb pharmacy…I stock up on bath salts you can order them online thru pearlrivermart.

I found these cute silver slip ons with all this elaborate beading so cute…

i got this cute little bag it reminds me of scrapbook paper… birdies and hedgehogs!  I also found a cute bag with a Paris scene for my daughter-inlaw. Great little bags for makeup or what nots…

these bath salts are great…I love the pseudo-ginseng pain-relief bath salt and the five herb itch-free bath salt they cost .95 cents…what a deal!

the area around Pearl River Mart 477 Broadway is always crowded a great shopping area.

lots of street vendors.

so many of the buildings in this area have beautiful architecture.

ice cream anyone?

yummy… Moo’s Chill and Go…who needs Dairy Queen!  Well actually I do now that I’m back home hee hee…


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5 Responses to Something For Everyone…Pearl River Mart..NYC

  1. Michele, I lived and worked in Manhattan for many years and now live in the NJ suburbs, so I’m finding it really refreshing to visit it again through your eyes. I’ve got to check out Pearl River Mart the next time I’m in town. I love the stuff you picked out!

  2. thank you Tara, that is such a sweet comment! Hey get those bath salts they really work!

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  4. MaggieRulli says:

    Brook Shields?? Great sighting! Thanks for further justifying my love for Pearl River Mart 🙂 Also – I respect the ice cream truck visit after a hard day of shopping!! Loved the post – I referenced your blog on my article about Pearl River Mart 🙂

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