Best Fish Sandwich…Standard Grill NYC…

the Standard Grill…worth the trip!

lunch at Standard Grill…our 2nd day in New York…we wasted no time finding all the right places!

we are not shy always ask for the waiter to take your photo!

or take your own…I always love these the best…wow no way we have been married 20 years time flies when you’re in love!

loved how this hot crusty bread was served in the paper bag…yum

Kev ordered the wedge salad then they brought him a side of extra bacon…nice touch…yes please!I ordered the veggie chopped salad …wonderful..light delish a small meal on it’s own!

it is the little things that make an experience so great we loved the small spots of butter and  sea salt  served at the table.

even the silver ware is cool here

we both ordered the same thing fish sandwich and it didn’t let us down!

they even have a drink named the High Line…




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2 Responses to Best Fish Sandwich…Standard Grill NYC…

  1. Mindy Leary says:

    Hey Michele! I have been following along your adventures. This place looks like a place I would love to visit in NY. Yum!

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