The High Line…A True Highlight…

on our 2nd day in New York we were around the corner from our hotel for lunch at The Standard we had seen a bridge above with some people walking about but didn’t know what it was…so we asked our waiter who told us “it’s the High Line you need to check it out it was a former elevated freight railroad that has been transformed into a park”.  Here is the entrance at Gansevoort…

we walked up the stairs and couldn’t believe what we were seeing an elevated park.  It was beautiful… plants, flowers, trees, and water features on one side there is a view of the Hudson River and on the other Chelsea with it’s great buildings.

it was a little over cast the day we walked the High Line and it sprinkled here and there but we still enjoyed our stroll which goes for several blocks…they have opened the new addition since our trip check out the views on Smith&Ratliff  read the post The High Lines New Addition very cool…

a view of the Standard Hotel on the High Line.

views from above…I loved this tree so unusual.

the old railways have been transformed into garden paths.

pier 54

flower power…

these lounge chairs were so cool …I could just imagine this park on the weekends in the summer full of people soaking up the sun. we thought it was so awesome how these loungers had wheels on the old tracks!  They did not roll though…but the look way cool!

love how the park continues right thru this building.

so many great views!

you could walk down to the glass and look out over the street to the city.

so much to see

a view of Chelsea…

enjoy the next few pic’s of these beautiful flowers…


Hudson view…

well hope you enjoyed our stroll thru High Line Park .  Now that we are back home in Texas dealing with crazy hot weather and a whole lot of sun this cloudy day at High Line looks so refreshing!  Welcome to summer!  If you travel to Manhattan make sure to take time for this fabulous walk in the park!


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2 Responses to The High Line…A True Highlight…

  1. I love that strange tree too! (And you’re absolutely correct—on a sunny, it’s almost impossible to get one of those lounge benches.)

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