Tea Time Fun…

A recent tea party I went to was so much fun…

our place settings…so cute.

wonderful tea of course Earl Grey cream and sugar so lady like and delish!these little cucumber sandwiches were so good and so were the yummy chicken salad ones.

our sweet host April made a great punch and it was pretty too of course.

our host April and Monica…great party girls!  

pretty table…beautiful friends with their hats…

me and my friend Susanne , love the flower on her hat…I had my hat for 15 years very Jackie O lampshade’ish  I got it in a vintage shop during my vintage hat collection phase and finally got to wear it!

Monica gave out little gifts she had hand made…

tea cup cozies…they were all different colors with different buttons!  She had knitted them isn’t that cool!  Mine was rust color I Love it… but may skip the cup and wear it as a bracelet!
here is the cozy on my cup that held our dessert isn’t that so sweet…it was delish too…



About Michele Busch

Jewelry Designer
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2 Responses to Tea Time Fun…

  1. pamela says:

    Sweet Michele! I recently had tea with my adorable sugarbaker, nieces and it was so much fun! I am inspired by your latest blog to host a tea at the store. Thank you for sharing your life with us…inspiring!

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