Locanda Verde…Great Lunch…New York


as we walked from the Hudson through the streets to find our Tribeca destination we saw this cool alley so of course i took a photo of it…

another cool photo of the city…

finally we found our place Locanda Verde I read about it in bon appetit and a few nights before our trip I was watching Unique Eats and they were talking about it and the fabulous desserts, so I put it on our list of to do’s! check out locandaverdenyc.com

the inside of Locanda Verde is very cool and it was really busy but we opted for outside dining so we could watch the passers-by and just enjoy being outside.

so if you read my last post you know we were walking from the Villiage to Tribeca taking in all the sites then ran into the food trucks 3 tacos later I wasn’t really hungry not to mention that 4 hours earlier we had went to our fav pizza joint and had a slice…hee hee

so we sit down and they bring out complimentary focaccia bread with carmalized onions it smelled amazing but I was not really hungry of course I tasted it and divine it was!¬†so just dessert for me apple rhubarb crisp with cardamom gelato…lets just say oh my!

now kevin on the other hand had not feasted on food truck fare so he could not pass up the “my grandmothers ravioli” fresh homemade…yes I tasted it I had to… it was wonderful!



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