Spicy Eateries In New York

Spice Market… a hot spot for Indian Asian Fusion…and great people watching!  The inside is 2 level and very cool but it is dark inside so you can’t really tell… you can however see our great food and you can go online to see the menu.  This is located in the Meat Packing district and was across the street from our hotel.

 the food here is spicy…and served family style.

we started off with cold sake…

they bring complimentary crisp and dipping sauce so good…

we ordered the chicken wings they were so wonderful…Kevin thought they were really spicy and they were but I liked the spicy heat…

a few years back we ate here and I ordered the Pork vindaloo…so I wanted it again.  I have to say it was better the first time, it was still good but some of the pork was fatty…the presentation is colorful and the dish delivers a punch of flavors.

love this cool building …the bottom floor houses the restaurant Dos Caminos.  It is in the Meat Packing District and was right next to our hotel.

the inner most table inside the building is so cool…

we love these little stainless taco holders…and of course the tacos!

I had the enchiladas …yum… this had been a Rachel Ray pick and I wasn’t let down. 


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