My Pictionary Try Out for The Jimmy Fallon Show

we went to the Fallon Show …I walked up as my husband was telling a guy oh my wife is really good at it…I’m like uh oh what are you getting me into??

turns out this guy works for the Fallon show and was looking for people to play pictionary on the show…so here I am trying out..the first guy they put me with was not guessing any of my drawings and he was told she is drawing great clues and you’re not getting any so he got cut then they partnered me up with this girl we both guessed each others drawings…but in the end they went with 2 other people…but it was fun to try out. Then on the show the clue was holy cow and the girl they picked drew her pic and it looked just like a pig Jimmy kept guessing pig this and that. Time ran out no one got it he said what was it? She said Holy Cow…he said cow? That’s a pig…hey what can I say they should have picked me I’m a Texas girl I can definitely draw a Cow! hee hee..moo moo!


About Michele Busch

Jewelry Designer
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