Eat At Mad. SQ. Pk…Choices So Many Choices!

May 6th thru June 3rd…was Eat At Mad.  located at Madison Square Park.  Filled with food vendors from different restaurants and artists.

loved the spices and teas…

fragrant tea and spice blends…had to get some!

AsiaDog…oh my …gourmet unusual hotdogs… only one of the best you are ever going to sink your teeth into

choices…great dogs… we had the Mel an Steve and the mash.

OH YUMMY… the mash.., jalapeno ketchup ,crushed potato chips on a great soft bun.
Mel and Steve asian slaw, seseame seeds, spicy mustard wow!

had seen momofuku on Unique Eats they said you had to try the crack pie so we did rich baby rich!!

the famous crack pie..
the peeps in line ahead of us  pup is hungry too how can he not be we are at Shake Shack

Kev ordering our burgers yes we just ate those dogs at Mad but that was our appetizers!

the softest potato buns the cheese sauce oh my this is what every one says the Shack Shack is the best… shack you Rock!!!!

happy hubby…

these are the chunky pieces of chocolate in kevin’s cement shake!  So we think the burgers are wonderful!  Hope you enjoyed it and if you live in N.y. or visited you  have got to go!



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5 Responses to Eat At Mad. SQ. Pk…Choices So Many Choices!

  1. Thanks to your post, I’m definitely going to Eat at Mad next year! The unique hot dog toppings, the scrumptious burger selection–and the chunky piece of chocolate in already decadent shake-I’M SO THERE!

  2. Wasn’t the Spices & Teases stand great? Such a feast for the senses!

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