Madison Square Park…A Treasure In The City

Madison Square Park…a treasure of beauty.

are these gorgeous or what!

what hot spot can you find in Madison Square Park?  The famous Shake Shack…

cool the line is not long…at peak times this place can line them up for over an hour.


I was still stuffed from Doughnut Planet…but Kevin wanted to try a shake so he got in line…but don’t worry you will see a post on the famous burgers, we came back for them!…we had too!  Another day another post stay tuned!


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6 Responses to Madison Square Park…A Treasure In The City

  1. Gorgeous photos! I have yet to try their famous burgers but that’s on my bucket list. 🙂

    • Tara, You must try them we live in a suburb of Dallas and In-and-out from C.A. just opened and there have been many a burger debate. They are both great but I would have to say Shake shacks potato bun is the deal sealer!

  2. Susanne says:

    the park is just beautiful! i’ve been loving all your pictures. now i’ll know where to go when we make it to ny!

  3. Susanne,Glad you have been enjoying a few of the 1300 snap shots of N.Y….still more food a shopping to come!

  4. MeghTWJ says:

    OMG, how pretty! Super jealous of your Shake Shack trip!

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