Delicious Dumplings…Mandoo Bar… New York

my trips to New York would just not be complete without a visit to Mandoo Bar.  This small and always bustling dumpling house is a must for me.  Nestled in the Little Korea area In New York, the front windows invite you in! (2 west 32nd St.) When I traveled here for work I would eat here twice in one day lunch and dinner it’s that good!

hundreds of dumplings being made fresh before your eyes!

then set to boil in this giant vat of boiling water…

inside Mandoo once lunch starts so does the line we got here around 1:00 and we got the last table in the back.

so of course you have to have the dumplings…but also the Bulgogi… this dish is brought out to you in a very hot stone pot, rice on the bottom meat and veggies on the top they add hot sauce to your taste and stir away, it sizzles in the hot pot, the rice gets sticky and crispy and melds with all the flavors oh my …pass the chopsticks please!

they bring out pickled kimchee…for some it is an acquired taste of course I like kimchee…


Kev ordered the dumplings fried and boiled they were so good.

my bulgogi arrives… hot sauce added let the sizzle begin!

a minute later it looks like this …you got it that is one hot stone pot!

excuse me while I dig in…

as you can see this dish is really good…so good in fact we came back the next day earlier 11:30 this time to beat the lunch crowd.  And Kevin ordered the bulgogi!

on our 2nd  time in I had the dumpling soup…

what Kevin’s texting… hee hee.., while his dish is getting prepared!

Kevin what in the world?  That’s cleaner than my bowl yesterday…you ate the whole thing veggies and all!

as the saying goes… good till the last drop…

and it was good till the last drop!  Okay, lets hit the city we have a full day ahead of us…stay tuned for more food , fun, and shopping New York!




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