Makeup At Henri Bendel… New York

it’s our anniversary day in New york…Kevin started out the day by giving me another sweet card inside a gift card.  So we headed to my fav place for makeup in the city!  Henri Bendel…Bendel’s has the best Makeup Area in the city ( Bloomingdales is also great…but Bendel’s  is  my place…straight to the Trish McEvoy Counter!  So I was wanting some new liner and lipgloss…and we got to talking about our 20th all the girls were so excited for us they said  oh we need to do your makeup for the day let the make over begin!

Kev at Bendel’s entrance…this store has 2 levels of great accessories another reason I love it!  They feature many different jewelry designers and it is always inspiring and fun to look and touch it all!

and here’s my favorite makeup area!

getting a new face…

checking out all the goodies she used for the transformation…I did say I came for liner and lipgloss right…hee hee I’m at the makeup counter! (need I say more)  So I ended up with plumping serum for under the eyes and anywhere else you may need plumping…so I plan to bathe my face in the stuff hee hee… new mascara, 24 hour eye shadow and liner in topaz this stuff is amazing …a new wet/dry eyeshadow/ liner…and then these drops that you use instead of water that makes your eyeshadow liner non smudge this stuff also amazing…a new base…and a couple of new brushes a girls gotta have the right brushes and I was still using the  same blush brush my mother-in-gave me for my personal shower if you have been reading my blog that shower was 20 years ago!  Yes, true story hey it was a great brush …but I have a new one now!

new goodies from Trish…I feel younger already!  Well you prob want to see what I looked like after but you will need to stay tuned…We had a long day and night ahead of us more shopping… walking thru some pelting rain…going to the Jimmy Fallon Show…our anniversary dinner…and then to the rooftop lounge…but after all that my makeup still looked awesome now that’s some great makeup!  So check out the future post!


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