Best Doughnuts Ever…Doughnut Plant New York City

we were walking in Chelsea area and came upon the most lush doughnut place…

Doughnut Plant…too many choices


they hand old movies playing and everything in here was so cool!

everything is in the shape of doughnuts!

the pillow wall…even makes ya hungry!

is this the prettiest? edible rose petals with a touch of rose water.

this thing is almost as big as my head…oh my!

Kevin took one look at my doughnut and said “hey I’ve been  jipt!  But he got back in line and got a couple more for later cause his flavor was creme brulee and one just was not enough!  The girl sitting next to us was really nice she told us to check out a chocolate doughnut…so Kev ordered that next and I got a strawberry filled with vanilla bean glaze for later! (forgot to take a pic  but it was a huge square shape and had a little square imprint pattern with a hole in the middle )

had to have a latte to wash that most fabulous pastry down!

Kevin’s second round this baby had layers of chocolate… it was like a cake, it had a chocolate pudding inside…it’s a good thing this place isn’t in Dallas we would be in serious trouble!

here we are eating our way thru New York… hey we are celebrating!  We had great foodie talk with the girl next to us she took this photo…she told us we had to check out Madison Square Park for the temp food vendors and she said you have to try AsiaDog…but thats another post and trust me you are going to so want a hotdog!  Kinda like you want a doughnut right now…hee hee …stay tuned as we eat and shop the Big Apple!






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3 Responses to Best Doughnuts Ever…Doughnut Plant New York City

  1. Susanne says:

    my mouth is totally watering right now!!

  2. Isn’t Doughnut Plant delicious? Their doughnuts are one of the few sweet things that I ever have cravings for!

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