Shopping…Anthropologie in Chelsea Market

entrance into the Anthro of Anthro’s…the Soho Anthropologie has always been my favorite then last year I found it’s rival in California but now I have a new Fab Fav!  Follow me into the Chelsea Market Anthro…You had me at the door!  (this was in eye view of our hotel)

nothing like a grand entrance… this Anthro had two, one from the street and one from inside Chelsea Market.

entrance from the Market…did someone say SALE…

details everywhere your eyes could take you!  I love this huge flower.

aqua vase with coral flower…you are speaking my lingo!

cool displays…

giant old fashion hand mixer…love the kitchen area in this FAB store!
you have got to be kidding me… there’s a downstairs too!

crazy book stack display at bottom of staircase…

the downstairs went on forever like the upstairs … it had a huge sale room and dressing rooms were downstairs as well…Kevin went to our local Anthro today to surprise me with a owl cookie jar (I will post it soon) any who he was telling them we just got back from New York and loved the Anthro in Chelsea Market they said it had recently opened and that is was the coolest one in New York!  Our thoughts exactly!

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1 Response to Shopping…Anthropologie in Chelsea Market

  1. Susanne says:

    be still my heart! that is awesome. you got some great pictures!

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