Vintage Clothing…What Did I Find ?

experiencing New York means walking you can’t see the city from a subway or a speeding cab…walk baby walk and you will “find.” What you ask …uhh…everything and anything and all things in between!  Okay…if you have been following the New York Trip…back up to us landing at the airport we are pulling up to the gate and my hubby hands me a card… one of 3 he would be giving me over the next few days this one was a sweet little happy anniversary card with a very sweet gift card inside.  He said happy anniversary baby have fun shopping!  So to my sweet hubby “baby u are the bestest”…

so here we are walking and taking in the sights and I see this cool Vintage store so I say honey I’m going to pop in here…an hour later after searching and trying on a zillion things I made my purchase…a great vintage pocket scarf for my hubby, a dress, and a Fabulous purse!

here I am with the sweet salesgirl who was totally decked out in Vintage of course!  This store was great!

my vintage find is this 1950’s dress in yellows and grays I love all the little details on this dress it looks like something you would find at Anthropologie!  Except this is true vintage…isn’t it cool it fits perfect too!  The dress was missing the belt but never fear I found this one on sale at anthro and it works great!  They had the most wonderful vintage purses I had trouble choosing but Kevin agreed this one looked like me.

love the flower detail and shape of this vintage purse!

I had these yellow vintage necklaces already and this mixed metal necklace …I know …where’s the Michele Busch Jewelry?  I will throw on some of my earrings..hee hee.

well you have to finish the outfit off with a great pair of shoes and true to my style of mixing things up…I found these in the village golden yellow …yes please!

i’m a shoe girl and these shoes are and comfy!

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2 Responses to Vintage Clothing…What Did I Find ?

  1. Susanne says:

    oh my goodness–what wonderful finds! and what a cool store!

  2. Looks like a really cool store. I need to visit on my next trip to NY.

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