Our tour Through Chelsea Market…

so in view from our room is One of my favorite places in the city a mecca for foodies! Chelsea Market… I remember watching a Rachel Ray show…she films upstairs in this building.  Any who… she went downstairs and walked thru the market, said she got a lot of the food she uses on the show there.  So I wrote it down so I could check it out on my next trip.  We  went on our last trip and thought it was so cool… so here we are again…This place is filled with fresh produce, meat, seafood, gourmet goods, restaurants, wine bars, bakeries and the list goes on… but since my last visit to my surprise the MOST FABULOUS Anthropologie is now in the entrance but that will be another post!  For now may your mouth water as you take in some market views! Enjoy the tour!

the Legendary Sarabeths Bakery I love her preserves strawberry rhubarb and blood orange marmalade are my fav’s.

we hope you enjoyed the tour thru Chelsea Market…you have to experience the market put it on your list!  And stay tuned for the Anthro of every girls dreams!!!

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