Twenty Years Of Romance…Happy Anniversary!

It started with a email from my hubby…”I know you wanted to go to Fireside Pies for our anniversary but I like this place. Can you meet me at 8:00 on May 18th? ”  I scrolled down to a pic of our favorite restaurant in Little Italy!  Surprise… we are going to New York for our 20th Anniversary!

so here we are… we decided to stay up all night since we had to leave for the airport at 4:00 in the morning…( we look pretty good for 4:00 in the morn) and believe it or not we ate In-n-out…Kev went at 12:30 it was still a 30 min wait… hee hee yes we are crazy

so after pulling an all nighter we arrive in Newark Airport

woohoo…thru the tunnel and to the city we go!

our destination was also a surprise… Kev had arranged for a driver to pick us up at the airport he was in on the surprise as well we pulled up and he turned to my husband and said “stopping here for a drink first right sir” ha ha no we staying here… Hotel Gansevoort  in the Meat Packing District.  We had seen it on our last visit when we ate across the street at the hot spot Spice Market and thought wow this is a cool hotel.

the lobby lounge…

our home for the next 6 days!

another view so cool…

view from our room the Famous Pastis Eatery!

the side panel windows opened up which we loved so we could really hear city life and at night this is a busy place to be beautiful people everywhere, taxis, limos, etc…

night view

the roof top lounge by day …at night this place was packed with people and the city lights and great music…

Kev at our roof top pool…the views of the city were amazing nite and day!

view of another roof top from ours…

one last view from our room… well stay tuned for our 6 day anniversary trip to the big Apple …shopping…food…boutique windows galore… all to come so check back soon…oh and by the way … Kevin I love you ! You are the best…

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1 Response to Twenty Years Of Romance…Happy Anniversary!

  1. julie says:

    This is for Kevin… You did good!! What a way to surprise Michele and make great memories in such a cool fun city. Hope you both had the Happiest Anniversary yet.

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