In-N-Out Burger…Gone In 60 Seconds…

my long time friend…and most fabulous colorist Jann!  Who I must say created a new masterpiece on my color yesterday!  She was coloring my tresses and she was joking with me about reading my blog on In -Out …she said when she saw the pics of my burger she showed her hubby and they were like wow that does look good.  Well little did we know that my husband would come to the salon with a delish surprise ( oh yes he did) he brought me  lunch but I had to give Jann the first bite… then Adrianne the second bite that is my other friend who works at the same place…We all worked together for many years… but thats another blog!!  Well Jann and Adrianne loved it then I ate the rest in about 3 seconds hee hee okay maybe more like 60 seconds…hey it’s really good!

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2 Responses to In-N-Out Burger…Gone In 60 Seconds…

  1. hi! thanks for your sweet comment 😉 we always eat in-and-out or carl’r jr. when we go to cali…delish!

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