Our Fairview Texas In-N-Out Burger Experience!

and the line starts here…will it be worth the wait? First day grand opening Fairview Texas!the time 4:10 …We were told the wait from this point was about 2hours and 10 minswe passed the time we brought study material, work, and I brought my new book too! And little by little we moved closer hey we can see it now!

we got into the parking lot woo hoo…and from here it was about another hour…

time to order…our friends got there about an hour after us and were told 3 hours so we ordered for them and took our burgers to their house to devour them!

we just ordered now for pick up

paying ..they don’t take Amex  by the way…

this friendly gal was from Chino California she said several employees were brought in from California to help train she said she would be here for 6 months!

smells so good…

let the eating begin! they make a protein burger no bun wrapped in lettuce or flying dutchman that is a patty and cheese only no bun if you need gluten-free

we put on our hats and dug in!

oh my …yum…and I chased it down with the strawberry shake …

this is the double double with grilled onions…it was sooo good …does it hold up to all the hype?? well look at it …Juicy delish…the answer YES IT IS go get in line and let the eating begin !

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2 Responses to Our Fairview Texas In-N-Out Burger Experience!

  1. Mindy Leary says:

    Only you and Kevin would wait that long for food! :0)
    I ‘ll go after a few months when (hopefully) the lines will be gone.

    • Kevin went today for lunch and waited one hour he surprised me and brought me one at Jann’s I was getting my hair done! I gave Jann and Adrianne a bite and they loved it then I ate the rest. hee hee

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