Where Should You Go Shop This Week? Iv’e got your answer!

new great goodies at Pamela’s Boutique Coppell Texas!

Pamela’s just got this blue tank in…shown here with a one of a kind Michele Busch …The 1st necklace we put on with the top was adored so much a client came in loved it and bought it on the spot!  It lasted all of 10 mins. in the store!  love when that happens.

such a splash of color…paired with a one of a kind Michele Busch necklace with vintage glitter resin pendant, yellow vintage glass teardrop, cool silver vintage chain and resin lime flower it looks like it was made for the shirt…get it at Pamela’s Boutique!

One of a kind 4 strand necklace made for Joni’s Boutique!  Coral in peach tones vintage 50’s resin teardrops,peach quartz and crystal…stand out with this one girls!  Also shown here are  one of a kind teardrop shape earrings I wire wrapped tiny coral beads in peach and red along with turquoise …you know were you need to go…shop shop shop girls!

New Michele Busch Design earrings in every color and size…better get to Jonis!

I love the way this outfit is put together great bag, great necklace…simple and colorful piece I made for Joni’s

About Michele Busch

Jewelry Designer
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