A True Shellac Nail Test…It Really Does Last!

I rarely get color on my nails because it never last…it is usually chipped within 2-3 days and once it starts chipping I tend to start peeling it off…needless to say when I do get a manicure I get clear or nude colors…but now shellac treatment came to town!  So I went for it and got a bright coral color. I had it done on the 15th of April.  This picture was taken on 10th day and they still look great!

so I put them to the test…which is just doing things like I always do!  It’s Spring…here come the weeds let the weed pulling and dirt digging begin.

and even though I retired from hairstyling years ago…once a hairdresser always a hairdresser that will be a blog post in itself…stay tuned… Any who…I still cut many of my friends hair…just another test for this shellac!

these fingers stay really busy making jewelry and I tend to use my nails more than my tools at times when I’m wire wrapping…so did my shellac hold up against those odds?

why yes it did!  They told me it would last 2-3 weeks…I was skeptical…but I’m on day 17 and no chips it is just growing off !  I thought if it last a full week I would be happy then 2 weeks passed and I’m thinking no way…so will I do it again…oh yeah!  Let the color begin…thumbs up to shellac nail treatment woo hoo…

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4 Responses to A True Shellac Nail Test…It Really Does Last!

  1. Emily Frans says:

    A co-worker of mine had that done w/ O.P.I. Gel Nail Polish and her nails still look great! 🙂


  2. mine was not OPI but they did have several colors to choose from. And I hear there is a gel procedure or shellac I tried for shellac.

  3. Susanne says:

    they look so good–i need to get mine done again. it really is amazing how long it lasts!

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