Where Can You Get One Of A Kind Jewelry?

my first visit to the Hulen location… Pappagallo Boutique it is located in a beautiful center.  I was so happy to see my jewelry on display in the window.  The staff is wonderful!  Color abounds everywhere if your looking to add some color and fun to your wardrobe this is a great store to visit.  They will be receiving many of my latest creations along with some one of a kind earrings and necklaces next week. a view inside the Hulen store… Michele Busch Designs… shoes… what more does a girl need? hee hee… 

I also visited the Sundance Square Pappagallo Boutique… fun outfit all dressed up with this agate and sterling Michele Busch necklace.  I have visited this location before and love the upstairs shoe parlor loads of yellow box all the latest styles and they have some great shoes on sale!  Of course I found a pair not on sale but at a great price and so cute for summer…and a beautiful navy jacket!they had my designs displayed throughout the boutique so beautifully I was impressed!  The staff here are so friendly and ready to help you in any way they can…so get dressed at the Sundance Square Pappagallo Boutique…they will also be receiving many of my new designs, some one of a kinds… you will only find at this location!  So if your looking for a unique piece of jewelry you won’t see on anyone but you…you need to head to Fort Worth and visit the Hulen and Sundance boutiques…have fun shopping I did!

About Michele Busch

Jewelry Designer
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