One Of The Wonderful Things About Spring…Nesting!

this is an abandoned Cardinal nest I found in my shrubs last year I carefully took it from the tree and put it in this bird cage one lone egg that never hatched but I remember the 2 that did so sweet…

our little love doves came back to nest the last 2 years in our palm tree…but the palm didn’t give much protection so this year they decided just to nest under our arbor!

last spring the sweetest wren made a nest in this little pot and decided to come back this year…what’s inside the pot?

their future family…last year we would watch the parents tag team feeding the babies it was so sweet..this little nest is lined with feathers isn’t it the sweetest?

and one couple we loved to see in our pool but we did shu away several mornings because duckies really need to be in a natural pond and not our pool!

one morning the fresh hay was put out for the cows they ate all they could and decided they would take their afternoon snooze on it!



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3 Responses to One Of The Wonderful Things About Spring…Nesting!

  1. Mindy Leary says:

    Thank you for our “city version” of National Geographic. You can’t help but smile looking at the photos. Make sure to give us the update…photos of the babies!

  2. Emily Frans says:

    That is soo sweet — we have a bird’s nest on our backporch too! 🙂 It is so neat to see them fly to and from the nest.

  3. Mindy and Emily, thanks for the comments , I will post updates of the babies!

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