Junking…Collecting…Antiquing..Treasure Hunting…

call it what you will but a found treasure is a Score!  And I have been on the lookout for the past year for mint green food trays like the ones I ate from years ago in school.  I found 3 in the right color good condition and best of all 2 bucks a piece!

some really cool vintage glass finds!

we had sterling coasters like this when I was growing up…these had that cool aging…and will be perfect for what I have in mind!

love this 3 tier tray (awesome find at Laurie Anna’s) here with most of my found treasures…and what did I have in mind for these treasures?

to organize and display goodies in the studio of course! And it all came together great.  My vision complete sterling coasters and all!

what about the food trays you ask… well here is one!

closeup view…trinkets and treasures for my creations!

easy to find and use…and it makes me smile all at the same time…it helps to be happy while you work and create. stay tuned to see my latest creations!

some of my vintage glass finds…and as one of my friends calls me Sea Shelly some of my found shells.

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4 Responses to Junking…Collecting…Antiquing..Treasure Hunting…

  1. Susanne says:

    great vintage finds–i have got to go there. those mint green trays are awesome!!

  2. Thanks, takes me back to the 70’s lunch’s at school! You gotta get a little grimy when your hunting for the good stuff, but it is fun and when you score a deal…all worth it!

  3. taylor says:


    Did you get my postcard? Send me your email. I love the mint trays! How nostalgic. Hope you can come to paradise soon. You look as beautiful as ever! oxoxoxo

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