Candy Colors…Vintage Looks…New designs

new designs…headed to Pappagallo Boutiques!

color splash…bright candy colors are fun for spring and summer!

new cool pieces at Envy Couture…

love this top at Envy Couture…small vintage key necklace accented with a vintage glass leaf…a one of a kind piece.

bright and bold violet dress and necklace…Envy Couture!

Head to Joni’s Boutique in Plano for this outfit and agate necklace and float into summer with a great splash of color.

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Jewelry Designer
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2 Responses to Candy Colors…Vintage Looks…New designs

  1. Susanne says:

    LOVE the necklace with the key–so simple and pretty!

  2. thanks…it does look like a Susanne piece!

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