Revamp…Reworked… A New Twist On An Old Original!

Many of my friends have been collecting my pieces since my jewelry design beginnings!  And honestly I have designed so many pieces through the years I don’t remember them all.  Many of the pieces have been designed for my Michele Busch or Pink Lily lines, and have been numbered, tagged and photographed.  But as a designer I never stop creating and since the beginning there have always been one a kinds.  My friend Mel was recently visiting from Arkansas and she brought and old original with her, she asked me if I would rework the pendant into a new piece and to please keep the clasp with the M.B. engraved sterling heart.  This piece is a true original it does not have a year in the number,  I started adding the year to track my designs in 2001.  I  think this was made in 1999 or 98…so many designs since then to many to count!  The sterling heart stamp with my M.B. initials used to be attached to all the pieces in my line then as the cost of sterling began to rise, it was attached just to limited editions.  I’m  not sure what year I stopped tagging but it has been a few now.  So, many of those originals out there that have been sold throughout the U.S. have my engraved heart insignia!  And this was one of those pieces and she wanted her heart!  And I still have a some of those tags maybe I will attach them to a special piece soon who knows! Stay tuned for that…

heart intact of course…here is the revamp…reworked… new twist on an old Michele Busch original!  The red leather was replaced by red coral, hand painted wood and fire polished swirled czech crystal with a vintage resin bead…which turns this original into a new one of a kind piece!

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3 Responses to Revamp…Reworked… A New Twist On An Old Original!

  1. Emily Frans says:

    Very Cool! 🙂 Beautiful, as always!

  2. thx Em.!…Mel said she loved it too!

  3. Melodie Huckins says:

    Thanks so much for the new creation! I LOVE it!
    You are awesome as always.

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