Gray Living…New Store…to Love

Gray Living is a fabulous new home decor store with so much eye candy for your home and ideas you won’t be able to take it all in! (so that means you will need to go back). The weather was so great we had not been to Downtown Mckinney in awhile and we stumbled right into the first day opening of this great store.  There are 2 levels in this store and it is decked out with the most beautiful furniture, cool items for living and dining and all things in between .  I wanted to just start snapping pictures of everything but you know I didn’t .  I did take one of the window out front.  You will have to go to see it for yourself and when you do let me know what you think!

here is what I picked out for myself a little mirror glass dish (that is already in my studio) holding the vintage post stamp pendants I  posted yesterday.  And this cute rectangle plate with sea gulls right up my decor…it found a home on my dining room  table…too cute!

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1 Response to Gray Living…New Store…to Love

  1. MeghTWJ says:

    LOVE this store! I also couldn’t help but check it out as I strolled by! Check out a few of my favorite things found in Gray Living:
    – M

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