Donate…Benefit…Bid On…and Buy…Where and When?

a few days ago I donated a few necklaces , several pair of earrings and some bracelets from my samples to Crissa’s Closet.  This is a great little resale shop located  in Plano 3131 Custer Rd.  The shop benefits Hope’s Door. If you  shop here you know you can find some great deals!  The day I left off my items for donation I picked up a great summer skirt and 2 tops one was a  Charlotte Tarantola with cute rhinestone buttons!  And my other top still had the original price tags on it I got it at a steal for $12.00!  Before I left they  were already  putting several of the earrings I brought on cards and were setting them out for customers to buy.  So if you are looking for a great deal head to Crissa’s Closet and you will be benefiting Hope’s door while you shop!

Also, if you are looking for something to do on March 26th.  Head to Barks, Bids, and Bordeaux this event is being held at Premier Wines.  There will be food wine and entertainment and a silent auction!  I donated 3 necklaces and 2 pair of earrings for the auction.  The benefits go to The Protective Animal League  (I  have got 2 of my furry friends) through this organization that help find homes while fostering sweet loving animals waiting and needing love and your home!  To see more and purchase tickets for this event look up So Donate..Benefit…Bid and Buy! have fun…


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