Give Me The Goods!

Sunday after our lunch at Asian Mint, we headed to the new Whole Foods across from North Park Mall.  It is big… laid out great…full of goodies!  I was excited to find Udi’s granola gluten-free I chose the vanilla…good choice it is good!  I also found these light bread toast.  And the pasta I posted about 2 days ago was on sale, so I got another bag!

here the goods…

some of my friends have asked about all the different flours I use.  I have posted about some of the many different gluten-free products I’m learning to use.  I posted about my chocolate cupcakes with peanut butter frosting 2 days ago here are the ingredients I use to make them.  I have heard people say well that seems like so much work but if you like to bake from scratch you usually use more than 5 ingredients anyway.  And while there are great premixes out there I don’t always want the short cut .  I love to cook and I like quick throw together recipes but I also don’t mind  spending a little extra time to add a few more ingredients and make something extra special.  It’s all about keeping your pantry stocked with your basics ( most used gluten-free flours) if you have them on hand you will use them, learn how to blend them and it will become second nature eventually!  So as I have said before don’t be afraid to try new things

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