Tantalize Your Taste buds… In Gluten- Free Style!

These are a family favorite.  My mom would make these all the time and I still make them now with my own tweaking of course!  Tuna Stuffed Pickled Jalapenos…So Texas!

I saw this new shape in gluten-free pasta and pounced on it!  It is a rice & corn blend by Orgran.  Isn’t it pretty?  I usually make this dish with shell pasta (which you can get in gluten-free as well) There use to be a little Italian place in Dallas called Tommasos they made fresh pasta salads all the food was so fresh and delish we were crushed when it closed several years back, but I continued to make my version of my favorite.  And now revised once more to gluten-free.  The original recipe was made with a deli cubed turkey. I made this one with herb dijon grilled chicken .

what I love about Spring …it makes me want to be cooking outside!

tuna mix for jalapenos…also great for a sandwich… how I tweaked my mamas original… I added finely diced apple, and pimento cheese…yum what you need: 1 can organic white tuna in spring water drained..2 1/2T. Organic mayo..1/2 t. dijon mustard..2 T. fine chop apple..few leaves cilantro fine chop..2T. pimento cheese..sea salt/coarse black pepper..mix well.. now stuff your jalapenos, I buy canned whole I cut them in half seed them dry them with a paper towel then fill em up, garnish with the carrots canned with the jalapenos.

what you need for the pasta salad… box of cooked pasta..2 1/2 T. fine chop italian parsley..1/2c. smoked mozz. cheese..2 grilled chicken breast halves (used herb dijon marinaded chicken)..1/2 c. green grapes cut in half..3T. mayo..1T. olive oil..1T. parm/reggiano shredded cheese..sea salt and coarse pepper to taste.. mix serve or chill for later.

Okay, second time to make this recipe from Blackbird Bakery Gluten-Free Cookbook.  I do tweak my Peanut butter frosting it calls for 1/4c. light brown sugar and 2T.dark brown sugar, I use (because this is what I had on hand) 1/4 c. dark brown sugar , 1T. organic sucanat (dried sugar cane juice) and 1T.natural cane sugar , this gives the frosting the slightest bit of sugary crunch..and just adds to the overall texture of this cupcake delight!


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