Yummy Gluten-Free Foods!

a few of my friends have asked me what gluten-free products I like while there are many foods that are gluten-free, and many things I cook or bake that I post about…I thought I would share a few new goodies Iv’e found.  These Udi’s pizza crusts are great especially when you want to create a quick meal without a lot of work!  And if you are like me as soon as your told you shouldn’t or can’t eat something that usually makes you crave or want it more.  You tend to think of everything you can’t have instead of all the options you do have. (funny how that is) And that being said bagels are one of the things I have craved since going gluten-free. Well wish no more I had my first gluten-free toasted bagel with a little butter tonight for my midnight snack and it was delish.

this company is The Jewel Date Co. they are not lying when they say “jewel” they have a few different varieties I chose the coconut date rolls…glad I did this is a real treat…ingredients 100%  organic dates and coconut…you can’t go wrong there! I found these at Whole Foods.  If you are craving something rich and sweet pop one of these babies in your mouth and let the smiling begin!

I have posted about San J. tamari sauce …this is by the same Co. it is their Thai Peanut sauce I have not tried it yet but I will post about it soon when I do!

These were on sale this week at Whole Foods they had about 4 different types of Muffins I chose the blueberry and the package comes with 4 large muffins…I ate two today and I bought them today… they are also Udi’s and I can’t wait to get back to the store to try the lemon ones while they are on sale! I was so impressed with how these tasted.  I am a huge foodie and while I have baked some great tasting goodies…sometimes you just want to buy something and have it taste great without all the work of having to bake it yourself . And when your shopping for new items you don’t want to pay big prices if it just doesn’t taste great…because in the back of your head you are thinking I could have made these and they would taste better and be cheaper to make myself.  Well so far I have to say I will try the other flavors but I know for sure I will get the blueberry again!

and dinner tonight his and hers pizzas  served with a side salad! ( Udi’s crust)  Extra pepperoni, extra cheese for him … mushrooms, red bell pepper, spinach, pepperoni, cheese for me hee hee… quick great tasting and gluten-free. Even if you don’t need to eat gluten-free try these goodies you will love them!

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4 Responses to Yummy Gluten-Free Foods!

  1. Mindy Leary says:

    Found the yummy date post! I will definitely be picking some of these up.

  2. La Cucina Di Kait says:

    i love the dates, I just bought them today they are so amazing!

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