The Art Of The Thank You Note!

Whether you are sending a thank you or receiving one …. a simple thank you just puts a smile on your face!

a few of my recently received thank you’s!  Who doesn’t enjoy receiving a thank you? Years ago I had read in one of my Bridal magazines that you had up to a year after your wedding to send out thank you’s . Well when you tend to be one who waits till the last possible minute like me, words like you have a year means 11 1/2 months later I got them out!  I have to say thanks to my mother in law who has wonderful thank you etiquette.  I have learned don’t believe everything you read!   There is of course an art to thank you…it is simply from your heart !  So whether you go the handmade route or buy a little card to send the art is in just sending it !  Most thank you cards are really unexpected so when you get one you just have to smile and think that is so sweet!  (and it can really make your day)  So of course now Iv’e been inspired by the thanks I have received recently and I’m thinking… who do I owe a thank you to!


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