Where Do You Get Your Blogging Energy?

well for me tonight it’s Boathouse Farms Vanilla Chai…This drink is sooo good I got it at Whole Foods my friend Sarah told me about it, rich, creamy, yum try it!  And don’t forget a kiss of the semi sweet sort!  Okay now I’m ready to write hee hee… Well for over a week my poor sweet hubby has had the flu…this bug is, as one of my friends put it “an ugly one” it bites an doesn’t let you go!  I got on Tami flu but still ended up with a mild  version … so needless to say you have not seen my recipes of big dinners or fav dishes lately for a reason .  So I thought I would share  what I made a couple of weeks ago…it came out so good my first gluten-free burger at home .

I made homemade fries in a pan, they were a lil toasty but still good .  I found the gluten-free buns at Whole Foods sesame seeds and all.  I might have made the burgers a bit thick but I was in one of those giant Texas burger moods and I ate the whole thing!!!  A few days after this dinner the flu hit and water, chicken broth, and hot tea were staples for a few days!


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