Fast and Easy Chocolate Wonders!


my friend Matisa recently told me about cookies she had on vacation while visiting family she had oreo mint cookies dipped in chocolate …yum yum I thought… so of course I was craving them and went to the store in search of a gluten free alternative.  Found some chocolate vanilla wafer oreo type g.f. cookies!  Went home and melted some semi sweet organic chocolate chips…and dipped the gluten-free oreo type cookies!  results hmmm… yummy!

set out on parchment paper to cool and harden …

well couldn’t wait so I had one …as you can see fast and easy to devour!  hee hee…you can speed up the harding by putting them in fridge for 10-12 mins… or just let them set at room temp about 25 -30 mins… enjoy!


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2 Responses to Fast and Easy Chocolate Wonders!

  1. pamela cott says:

    how do you stay so thin?! i gained weight just looking at these cookies!

  2. That’s why I said I need to give more of my baked goods away , cause we are eating it all! You haven’t seen me in the last month!

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