Yummy Flank Steak Recipe

super simple dinner…ginger flank steak, recipe from the blog…Gluten-free Mommy.  I served it with white rice and broccoli slaw. The recipe suggest San J. Tamari gluten free soy sauce .  I found it at our local Kroger store!  I used fresh minced ginger and marinated the meat for 7 hours, grilled it as directed …check out the recipe. We thought it tasted great, flank steak is an inexpensive meat, it needs to be marinated and not over cooked and  always cut across the grain but the results can be delish! try it and enjoy…


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2 Responses to Yummy Flank Steak Recipe

  1. Pamela Cott says:

    I love me some flank steak! I always get mine from Central Market already cooked but I am going to try and make this. Thanks for sharing the love.

  2. I bought the flank steak at Central Market they have such a great meat market and seafood market. Try the blueberry breakfast sausage it is divine with a side of G.f. pancakes!

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