Why I’m Cooking And Eating Gluten-Free…

Some of my latest cookbooks, they are not only full of great recipes they are an education into Gluten-free.  If you have been reading my post, you know in Oct. I went on a 21 day detox cleanse. Prompted by my good friend Mindy…who has been telling me for the past few years she thought I would feel better if I did it, I resisted…then I resisted and finally I resisted a bit longer. Till I was having too many health issues to mention and too many scans, and testing for this and that by doc’s etc.  For years I have had tummy issues I was hospitalized for them when I was in the 4th grade, they thought I may have rheumatic fever, I had bouts of weakness, low grade fevers, stomach aches , bloating, constipation or the opposite!  That hospital visit and test resulted in the diagnosis…nervous stomach and gastritis…the docs explained to my parents I would get nervous and my stomach would knot up or twist which would cause my cramps or stomach pain which made me feel really sick , when my stomach did this any food that was caught in the knot could rot which in turn could make me even more sick.  Solution keep me calm chew on some tums.  Well this was the late 60’s need I say more!  Well fast forward to junior high more nerves of course which of course brought on more tummy probs. By high school I was all nerves and a teenager which all goes hand and hand . Looking back it was obvious I had A.D.D. I was always great with art and a few subjects but for the most part I struggled in school, back then they called it daydreaming but really I just couldn’t concentrate. Graduation and after still stress and tummy issues . I was in beauty school when a new one popped up I lost partial vision in one eye and was getting really bad headaches. So we went to the eye doc I thought great I’m going to be a dork with glasses ( cause glasses were not cool looking like they are today) but to my surprise the doc stops the appointment and tells my mom we need to admit her to the hospital…huh..what just give me the glasses!  Well we think your daughter may have a brain tumor! Excuse me what! So once again to the hospital I go this time it is in 1980 and while advancements have been made nothing like today.  Many horrible test later …spinal tap, cat scans arteriogram, which caused the beginnings of a stroke and had to be immediantly stopped.  They said well she still has nervous stomach well duh..and we think a tumor in the brain we just cant find it. Thats a whole other story! They felt the tumor was hormone related so started me on a birth control pill to see if this would help. During this time my mom was battling breast cancer she was trying to take care of me and me her and at the same time continue going to beauty school which I was doing great in , aside of course from the fact of losing partial sight there for a few weeks.  But I got back finished and went on to become a hairstylist . Sadly we lost mom to her battle.  A month later I discovered a breast lump so the doc operated said it was an infected cyst but they took it out along with some surrounding tissue…was not cancer …but abnormal they said I was lactating, I was not pregnant and so they thought I could have a pituatary tumor.. I said well I was tested for one 3 years ago..so more test…better cat scans and there it was . Instruction then was a scan every 6  months. Then I moved to Dallas and my doc here put me on meds right away to shrink the tumor which is non cancerous but was causing horrible headaches, finally after the adjustment and feeling sick from the meds I started improving!  Tummy issues still there and I figured  just nervous stomach as the years went by I became a mom , sleep issues, tummy problems well I was told still gastritis and now reflux, soon I was told to add IBS to that and fibromyalgia. Well here I  am today IBS and fibromyalgia take a pill for this for that, well I got sick of the side affects that came along with it all and then you really start to feel the docs are  just giving you stuff to mask your problems but not get rid of them . Well that is what finally got me to where I am today…So much background I know …but doing that detox did make a difference for me because I was off of sugar, dairy, breads, caffeine , alcohol, no carbs , no red meat and on supplements and veggies, fruits and fish and chicken within 11 days so by the time my 21 days were done and I started introducing foods slowly …. I had some reactions !  Well that put the red flag notice out to me. My next post will explain what Iv’e found out since then. And why I looked into gluten-free!! stay tuned!


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2 Responses to Why I’m Cooking And Eating Gluten-Free…

  1. Susanne says:

    i had no idea what medical issues you’ve been through. so sorry–but glad that the cleanse really made a difference and you are feeling good!

    • thanks, I will make it a yearly thing now for sure. All you guys have been a good influence on me . Should have tried it earlier but better late than never right!! hee hee

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