Reaction to Gluten Really???

These are some of my new flours I’m using for my Gluten -free cooking.  This is just some of them, my pantry is full of other goodies as well.

Well I gave my history of issues in the last post.  As I was done with my detox I followed the recommendation to introduce foods slowing back into the diet and see how I felt.  So the first night we had salad, pasta with turkey meatballs and marinara. I had been eating salads and marinara on the detox and chicken and fish but no wheat pasta and this was wheat pasta. Within 30 mins. I had broke out with a red itchy rash on my back and later that evening a charlie horse in my leg (which I had been having horribly before the detox) along with a rash all over the back of my leg. My stomach was making all the crazy sounds and the familiar tummy pain was back, like you just really over ate and feel bloated and horrible…but I hadn’t over ate.  So I attributed this reaction to the gluten.  Now I’m by no means a doctor …but that was a pretty strong reaction and then I realized after 2 weeks into the detox I hadn’t been having all the tummy pain and crazy stomach sounds I had grown so use to over the years.  So I thought hmmm… could my gastritis-IBS-reflux be more gluten related?  I also noticed I was not having the inflammation that has been a problem with the fibromyalgia and the bloating was gone my tummy was pretty flat for me, since the detox.  I had lost about 12 pounds but more inches because I was not bloated . So I decided to just try introducing other foods like dairy , corn, eventually a little red meat and so on in the following days.  What I found for me is when I would try something with gluten like those awesome flour tortillas I just had to have when I should have stuck with the corn!  I had really bad tummy pain lots of grumbling tummy noise , bloating and itchy skin.  So once again I’m no doctor but I have been to a lot of them!  And for the first time I noticed some changes in the way I was feeling when I was not eating gluten.  And with continued watching what I ate I could tell of course red meat is a little harder on my digestion but still not like the reaction I have with the gluten.  I have been reading up on Gluten and how it can affect so much even A.D.D. another hmmm… and while I don’t think I have celiac disease I do think I have some issues with gluten intolerance and I’m  just choosing to eat a little differently for a while and see how I continue to feel.  Not trying to self diagnose myself or anyone else but after years of dealing with tummy troubles and all the things that come with IBS issues, I am feeling better and cutting gluten from your diet to see if you feel better certainly can’t harm you.  So now you know why my recipes have had that gluten-free theme lately!  My next post will be on the most delish cake I baked yesterday a real winner!  Stay tuned and I promise to blog about jewelry soon… hee hee.


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