Winter Baking Gluten-Free

What goes great with cold weather?  Baking of course!  I used a recipe from one of my new gluten-free cookbooks…Babycakes…lemon-poppy tea cake…my hubby loved this little cake, I thought it was a bit to lemony so next time I will tone the lemon down a bit…but one thing I have read in a lot of gluten-free baking is to follow the recipe exact. Which I did but I don’t think toning down the lemon will effect the way the cake bakes.

my first gluten-free pie…so stick with a classic Apple what else!

I had extra apple filling so I made apple crisp too!  I was so excited when I found a frozen gluten-free pie crust…I made a crumble topping and used 4 different types of apples.

I was really pleased with the results Yummy delish!!! and so was the apple crisp. The pie crust I used was Gillians I found it at WholeFoods… try it out it’s great. happy baking…

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