Bring On The Snow!

We had a wonderful time visiting with family in Iowa!  I kept asking my cousin Marcy is it going to snow…make it snow…I want to see snow!!  Well I got my wish 2 days into our trip we had a blizzard… yippie beautiful white sparkling snow!  Which did come with like 8 degrees of freezing cold air … nothing layers of clothes… coats, hats, gloves, boots, thick socks, scarves, and running out to heat the car 15 mins. before you went anywhere couldn’t cure!  hee hee….

Bald Eagles in the trees, they come to nest and feed off the frozen lakes every year.  So majestic, they were a site to see.

as you can see the lake freezing over for winter…a single eagle is waiting to swoop down and find a fish for lunch.  I will be posting more photos from our trip soon so check back!!  Hope you enjoy the snow!

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